After School Care

At Fojanga Academy, our after-school care program embodies our mission to nurture innovative mindsets and cultivate a genuine love for learning. Designed to extend our commitment beyond regular school hours, our after-school care provides a safe, supportive, and enriching environment for students. As we aspire to be the preferred school for parents and children, our after-school care offers a seamless extension of our educational experience, fostering creativity, social interaction, homework assistance from teachers and exploration. With a focus on engaging activities, character-building, and skill development, we ensure that every child's after-school hours are not only enjoyable but also contribute to their holistic growth. Our program reflects our dedication to excellence and our desire to provide a nurturing atmosphere that sets the stage for lifelong success.


School Counselling

At Fojanga Academy, we recognize the importance of guiding and supporting our students in their journey towards a successful and fulfilling career. Our school career counselling program is integral to our vision to nurture each child's innovative mindset and cultivate a deep love for learning. Through personalized career guidance and exploration, we empower students to identify their interests, strengths, and passions, aligning them with future career paths.

Our dedicated career counsellors provide valuable resources, advice, and information on various career options, higher education pathways, and skill development opportunities. We believe that a well-informed and purposeful approach to career planning sets the stage for lifelong success, and we are committed to being the preferred school for parents and children by delivering excellent teaching, providing an inspiring learning experience, and offering comprehensive career counselling that equips our students for a fulfilling and prosperous future.