Our Approach to the Curriculum

A) Curriculum Intent


Fojanga Academy boasts an ambitious and dynamic curriculum rooted in active learning methodologies. This curriculum is consistently integrated throughout the school, aligning with both the Gambia National Curriculum and enriched by elements of the British curriculum. This alignment ensures a clear roadmap for students to reach curriculum milestones.


Our curriculum is meticulously structured, systematically delivered, and explicitly designed to equip every student with the knowledge and skills essential for realizing their full potential. The acquisition of new knowledge and skills is built upon a solid foundation of previously taught concepts.


At the heart of our curriculum is a child-centered approach that responds to the unique needs of each student, addressing gaps in their knowledge and skills. This individualized focus fosters independent, confident, and accomplished learners who are not only equipped for personal success but also possess the tools to positively contribute to their communities and society at large.


The curriculum we offer cultivates independence, self-assurance, and achievement-driven attitudes in students. It prioritizes holistic development, including academic excellence, creativity, problem-solving, reliability, responsibility, resilience, physical well-being, and mental health. This comprehensive approach nurtures the complete growth of each child, fostering self-belief, curiosity, and an inquisitive mindset.


Embracing diversity, our curriculum actively supports students' spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development, ensuring their readiness for life in contemporary Gambia and beyond.


Our ultimate goal is to empower every student to strive for their personal best. Above all, we aspire to cultivate happiness among our students.

B) Curriculum Implementation


The curriculum's design and sequencing are meticulously structured to provide students with a cumulative foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling seamless progression to higher learning levels.


Continual development and deepening of learning occur year after year, ensuring a profound understanding across the entire school community.


Subject Leaders, possessing the necessary expertise, play a pivotal role in shaping and delivering their respective subjects. This leadership ensures a coherent advancement of skills and knowledge across all grade levels, bolstered by a robust assessment framework.


Educators facilitate students' comprehension of core concepts and facilitate the connection of new knowledge to existing understanding. Teaching is inspiring, and the classroom ethos is exceptionally conducive to learning.


Lessons are meticulously planned, leveraging skillful assessments to tailor learning experiences according to individual needs. Exceptional questioning techniques and avenues for discussion, paired and group activities, and role-play are employed. Teachers present information with clarity and possess a deep command of their subjects.


Well-prepared lessons feature imaginative activities aligned with learning objectives, demanding active student engagement.


Ongoing Professional Development is a cornerstone, ensuring that our educators possess the requisite skills and knowledge to maintain exemplary standards across the curriculum.


Assessment is a potent tool for identifying next steps, incorporating nuanced differentiation, targeted support, and tailored interventions.


Educators adeptly gauge students' comprehension during lessons, promptly addressing misconceptions and adapting activities as needed.


Fojanga Academy prides itself on maintaining a highly inclusive environment, dedicated to unlocking the potential of every student. Advanced learners are appropriately challenged, while struggling students receive targeted support tailored to their pace and learning style.


Homework assignments are tailored to different ability levels, with expectations gradually increasing as students advance. Assignments are closely aligned with the curriculum, incorporating diverse activities including online learning platforms and Google Classroom.


Students are encouraged to read extensively and fluently, nurturing a love for reading. Educators enhance this passion by discussing literature knowledgeably and providing dedicated reading spaces. Our library encourages weekend reading, reinforcing the value of books.


Our outdoor learning environment enriches hands-on experiences, fostering active and immersive learning.


Extracurricular activities are diversified, including clubs aligned with the core curriculum and those focused on specialized skills (e.g., French, Science, Design and Technology, Coding, Swimming). These inclusive clubs are open to students from other schools and operate during holidays.


High expectations are maintained for attendance and student behavior.


We foster close collaboration with parents, recognizing the synergy between home and school in achieving optimal outcomes for our students.

C) Curriculum Impact


Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted and effectively delivered, catering to the needs of all students. Rigorous monitoring mechanisms include planning assessments, book and display evaluations, lesson observations, outcome analysis, and constructive dialogues with staff, students, and parents. The engaging curriculum promotes students' achievement, self-assurance, and exemplary conduct.


Our students excel in building meaningful relationships founded on mutual respect and trust, valuing and celebrating diversity within the school community and the broader world. They internalize a sense of responsibility as future global citizens, poised to make positive contributions to society.


The curriculum instills confidence, independence, resilience, and an innate passion for learning in our students. Fojanga Academy graduates are equipped with the essential skills for life success. Our curriculum serves as a catalyst for individual excellence, allowing each student to realize their full potential.