In music, we follow the program of study as outlined in the National Curriculum to ensure that all pupils:

    • Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of great composers and musicians
    • Learn to sing and use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, use technology appropriately and have the opportunity to progress to the next   level of musical excellence
    • Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including through the inter-related dimensions: pitch, duration, dynamics,  tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations
This year we have used the new Model Music curriculum to encourage and support the progression of music as they move through the school.

    • At Fojanga Academy Primary School, we aim to foster an enjoyment and appreciation of music to include the development of an understanding of the elements of music: pitch, dynamics, duration, tempo, timbre, texture and structure. Furthermore, we aim to encourage self-expression through music and to develop an awareness of the music of ours and other cultures including an awareness of a variety of musical styles.
We work with the children to develop a range of musical skills including listening, appraising, composing, interpreting and memorizing.  As part of their musical understanding, children are encouraged to explore how music can create moods and feelings, and provoke an emotional response. At Fojanga Academy, we develop the children’s social skills via group composition and performance.
Through our long-term planning, we link music to topics where relevant. In Year 2, children will begin to understand how to play the Glockenspiel and fine-tune these skills further in Year 6. During Year 3, children spend their time learning to play the Drums. In Years 4 and 5, children spend time learning the recorder. Throughout their school lives, Fojanga Academy pupils will learn to play different percussion instruments.