Design Technology


In teaching Design Technology at Fojanga Academy we aim to prepare our pupils for a rapidly changing society. Through mainly practical, process-based activities we will develop the skills of designing, making and evaluating products.


    • To help develop the social skills necessary to work as part of a team, as well as the ability to work independently when the situation demands.

    • To engage the interests of all learners and help sustain their motivation and enjoyment of learning.

    • To develop Design Technology by combining the children’s designing and making skills together with their knowledge and understanding in order to design and make products.

    • To give children the opportunities and experiences to develop their ideas.

    • To teach practical skills and to work with a wide range of materials, including food.

    • To teach practical skills and to work with a wide range of tools, developing awareness of safety.

    • To develop the ability to identify hazards and risks and take appropriate action.

    • To become aware of the impact of Design Technology and its contribution to the quality of life.

    • To use and develop pupil’s knowledge and skills in other subjects, through their designing and making activities.

    • To accumulate DT skills from the Foundation stage to Year 6.

    • Through Design Technology activities we aim to enhance the speaking and listening skills of our pupils.