Fojanga Library



At Fojanga Academy, we believe that access to the library is essential for fostering a love for reading and promoting academic excellence. Each week a student visits the library and gets a book to take home with an assessment card attached to it so the parent or guardian can assess the child’s reading progress. Once they have finished with the book, please ensure they bring it to school on their library day so that they may swap it for another. If a library book is not returned on time or is damaged or lost the student is held accountable and they should buy the book to replace the one they have lost or pay 500 Dallas.

To support this, we have also made available an online library with audiobooks which will help students improve their reading and listening skills. Children can access a vast collection of age-appropriate books, articles, and educational materials, fostering their interests and expanding their knowledge.

Our online library is a central hub for information and inspiration, embodying our mission to nurture each child's innovative mindset and create a fun, inspiring learning experience for all members of the Fojanga Academy community.